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Default Beat detector

Hi folks,
in some things I am still absolute beginner.
This time: Beat detector.
I got an audio file containing a solo violin playing together with a more percusive instrument - the latter starts playing only in the 3rd measure.
There is much agogics in that piece, besides an accellerando.
I mark the audio clip in PT, open the beat detector, enter the meter 3/4, contains quavers, with the entire file to be analysed.
After that I click "generate", the samples to remain in original position.
The beat detector however returns to me considerable tempo changes in places where there are none in the audio.
I hoped it would help if I add manually some warp markes where I know the next measure should start, but I do not get them reducing the arbitrarily happening tempo changes.
I wish to sync Boom to it, which behaves wildly according to those changes, nothing is ever synched.
I must be doing something wrong.
Please update me
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