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Default Re: Why so expensive son? (cost of audio education)

Originally Posted by AlexBoyKing View Post
send him to college for a decent degree in business or something.
Do your best to back out of that obligation and send your kid to a real college--state colleges are still comparatively affordable. What he needs--at so many levels--is a true education. That might include some science, some business, some art, some history. And chances are pretty good that any reasonably-sized school will still have some recording courses available.

It's easy for kids to fall in love with pictures of big consoles and the stock shot of some singer in front of a U87. But music production has never been--and will never--be a growth market. It's like being a blacksmith or a coal miner. All available slots will be quickly filled. The career world that's quickly arriving needs people who can synthesize solutions from experience of all sorts.

What your kid is likely to find out pretty soon is that nobody on the production side of the glass really cares about that piece of paper from XYZ recording school. What they do care about is someone who can think and who has some practical skills. Go to any trade show and just about every person in every booth started out with dreams of being a big-shot performer or a big-shot producer. Life handed them a sudden change of direction. The ones that have succeeded with that adjustment have usually had the education to fall back on. They've still got studios at home, but it typically has become a passionate avocation.

In any case, here's to the best of luck as your kid heads out into the world.
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