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Default 002 DSP, converters and mic pres

I inquired about the DSP (EQ, dyanmics, reverb, etc.) and mic pres on the "yeah or nay" thread, which seems to be gone so I'm posting it again as a new topic. Sorry if it was answered, but I missed it.

Does anyone know about the quality and usability of the DSP for the 002? I'm wondering what is offered, per channel, and if its the Digirack stuff, or something better. Can the DSP effects be used for tracking or just mixing? How many instances per channel/track? My hope is that if the quality is real good, it could take some strain off the CPU.

What about the quality of the converters? Does the 108db dynamic range spec in the PDF compare with other 96k converters? Can these converters be bypassed if someone wants to use better converters?

I'd also like to know what the mic pres are in the 002. I assume they will be like the MBox, or the Control24, but haven't seen anything to confirm this.

I know some of people are at odds with the 002, and while I think its a good package, its probably better suited for first time PTLE buyers. Firewire and portability is nice, but not an immediate need for me. The cost of an 002 would buy me a real nice mic pre, too. Time will tell how the 002 works out.

dave patterson / knobville
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