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Default Re: Clip effects as a paid add-on

Avid will have to catch up with the rest of the world or be left behind. The amazing thing about being a market leader is how long things tend to stay in your favor while they are happening. And then looking back how quickly it seems a more rapid decline.

Folks don't want add-on pricing per small feature. Having a split Ultimate/Standard product already allows a good amount of price spread/value capture. Voice packs, Digilink licenses, and IO restrictions with CoreAudio/ASIO (esp. for Ultimate Users) are already enough of an insult to users.

And Avid reported results yesterday... maybe not bad given the COVID-19 situation, but maybe more will play out in Q3?? The more synthetic numbers look great, like migration to subscription. OK a nice thing but... it's a synthetic forced result. And "cloud enabled" whatever that means... just buzzwords for analysts, especially given that Pro Tools cloud collaboration is flakey as heck. But hard numbers like revenue... down 20%. Gross margins up 6% so some good management there. Cash down slightly. But at what long term impacts as costs are cut? And what other cutting is Avid going to have to do moving forwards?

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