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Default Re: soundcraft spirit m series...anyone using?

Thanks very much Brad. I have to disagree with you on your theory of mixing analog with digi 001 however. I dont use the board to set and "mix" levels when i send the tracks out, I just use it to sum the tracks while still usingthe pro tools automation and plugs.This is a topic of great debate and I can see why, but in my experience at the project studio I work at occasionally and in my own project studio...sending my mixes through the board and back into pro tools not only gives me hotter levels going back in (more signal=better sound quality), but I find that the mixes totally open up and especially in my drums I hear a more punchy result. Its all about the mix bus math...and in most cases if you do it right and send your mix out to a board, you'll see that the headroom will increase dramatically on the mixer and you wont peak out going back in. I know theres plenty of people who come from the opposite angle and talk conversion this and that and its degrading your mix to send it out and back in again, but for me I wouldnt even consider summing in pro tools ever again since I started mixing out analog. Thanks for your heads up on the spirit though, I greatly appreciate it.
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