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Default Multiple songs in a session or one for one?

1. Do most of you record multiple songs (as in an album project, etc) into one session, or do you open new sessions and save each song to it's own filename? Or is this just preference or needs based? Reason I ask is I usually save one song to one session name (for saftey and for DSP on the mixdown, etc). This gives me greater flexibility but is also of course more time consuming.

2. I'm mixing a project where about 15 tunes were recorded onto one session. I want them broken out for mix time. Is it safe to cut out what I don't want and save each to it's own session? (i.e. say I have 4 songs, A,B,C, and D. If I want to save A, cut B,C,D and save as new filename. Reopen original session, and do the same for B, repeat to D etc). I have done something like this before and ended up losing big segments of my audio where I cut. Just don't want to do that again.

As always thanks for any tips all.
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