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Default Re: Waves V11 - Left Field Update

Originally Posted by amagras View Post
I think we are talking about the same thing, let me think about it before we go on.
I think we are talking about the same thing, just I might have worded it a bit badly as I am a swede after all and sometimes I write something (like that post) and I understand it could be misunderstood as we sre saying the same thing. I meant that what waves say is that IF one want to update their plugins to V11 one must first make sure to WUP up all those olugins and then update otherwise the plugins that are not on a wup and older wont get updated. I would want all my plugins updated to V11 if I would consider updating but as our V9.6 or something works great on all computers we hsve (trashcans) and one MBP 2019 I will refrain from updating my wup until all the plugins that aren稚 wup壇 stop working.

Remember we talked about that Bass VI and a few others back before summer, those are the only ones we have on V10 so I believe it would cause issues if we kept both V9/V10 and updated some to V11 that qualify. Everytime we updated anything Waves we have had problems all day getting them to work again.

I just quoted what it said on waves websige in my earlier post:

How to Update to Waves V11:

First ensure that your system and DAW support Waves V11.
If your Waves licenses are covered by the Waves Update Plan, simply update them to V11 for free. If they are not covered, renew your coverage first, then update.

Once your licenses are updated, install & activate your V11 plugin software.

Taken from this page here :

Maybe I was unclear before and I am sorry if that was the case. I just meant that waves says we need to wup and make sure all is up to date before going to V11 free of charge.
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