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Default Re: Waves V11 - Left Field Update

Originally Posted by Southsidemusic View Post
Amagras - it says on the website you Need to be wup’d up todate in oreer to update to W11 ... just quoting what they say themselves!

That answer was what I said: you need your older plugins to be wup otherwise they dont go to V11 which is what happened to your update so what is ”not true” in my post!?

Read here:
How to Update to Waves V11
First ensure that your system and DAW support Waves V11.
If your Waves licenses are covered by the Waves Update Plan, simply update them to V11 for free. If they are not covered, renew your coverage first, then update.
Once your licenses are updated, install & activate your V11 plugin software

I take that as one NEEDS to be up to WUP in order to update to Waves 11
You said you can't update to W11 unless all of your plugins are covered by WUP, that's wrong. I suspect you are confused because when you only have a bundle all the plugins are tied to the same WUP but whatever extras you have can be updated if they are covered atm. What I did was updating my Gold to Horizon a while ago which automatically reWUP and unified all my old plugins from those 2 bundles.
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