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Default Re: PT 11.3.2 on El Capitan... can some people chime in?

All our production machines are on Mavericks 10.9.5

I will not move any production machines to El Capitan until I've exhaustively researched and tested.

The main reason I want to move them to El Capitan is for Metal ... Especially for the two machines also running Final Cut Pro X.... and there are also overall performance increases. El Capitan is feeling faster across the board on the MacBook Pro I am testing it with.

I do not want to move to 12 at this time. In reality, our systems are rock solid on Mavericks, and I will not move them away from 11 on Mav unless I am able to do so reliably and with performance increases (mainly for the video side of things)... that's the whole point. There is really nothing in 12 that interests me, and I'd rather not give up licenses to move to it....
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