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Default Re: ElevenRack - Windows 10

Originally Posted by kc0jsj View Post
Everything is staged (IE9 removed, driver installed, 11R on...) and I've been given a "maximum allowed activations" error. I replied to support this morning to ask about this, but have not heard anything back. Is there anything I can to to unregister my Windows 10 PC?

Thanks so much for your assistance, by the way. This has been a major headache, and it's difficult to find information on the topic.
I know it's a major headache, believe me. At this point though it doesn't look like Avid will fix the problem, so we have to do these work-arounds, sorry.

You can't do anything on your end. Avid will need to reset the number for you or give you a new serial.

I kicked this up the chain a few days ago, I can mention it again, but it's up to support to get your serial straightened out. Hang tight....
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