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Default Midi Editor crashes Pro Tools 2020.11 in Windows

I've been getting recurring crashes in PT. I like to do most of my MIDI edits by hand, and after a while, PT freezes up, goes pale, and I have to quit through Windows (not the Task Manager, that doesn't work-the first window that says-I'm translating-"Close program-Restart program-Report to Microsoft"). After, I have to reboot the computer to get PT to run again. It is becoming systematic. I have had three or four of these crashes while editing a single track. These are Instrument tracks.

When PT freezes, the top lines (in which I have chords, bar numbers, etc.) seem to be duplicated vertically in the "white-outed" and frozen Editor screen.

I will try to have a look at my MIDI Preferences, and maybe trash those to see if it helps.
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