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Default Re: Noise after bouncing to AIFF

1. Double check that none of your sends are clipping internally. Under
view you can select 'assignments' to see the mini faders and look for
clipping on a pass. If you've used many different sends, you could also
use the 'target' to view different (a-j) sends at once to save time.

2. I've recently had strange noises when using the DIGI MED delay plug
(a crackily, almost 'shorting out' sound) It looks like you're not using
too many plugs. In my situation, what is bizarre is that a track can be
'pristine' and then a few minutes later, it's all distorted. Removing the
DIGIRACK delay plug inserting a different plug makes the noise go away.
It's only R'n'R but I like it.
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