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Default Re: Plugins not scanning nicely

One of the reasons to try removing all third part plugins is you may have an errant plugin that is screwing the system up so badly it is causing others to fail to load. While very unlikely it may be worth excluding. E.g. I would try removing all plugins, let Pro Tools put back its default plugins. Then install only one of the plugins giving you problems... and see if it still does (pick the plugin vendors with best support ) ... if that fails it is an even more interesting case for their support. If not you have made progress.

After you did the clean install of macOS, did you use migration assistant to move anything like your user account? Do you have that on a separate drive? Or are you running this all from a new clean Admin account? There is a lot of state information potentially stored in ~/Library. PT Prefs gets the obvious ones, but may not get everything.

When weird stuff is happening remember to look through the system logs etc in for anything unusual.

Yep, we are clutching at straws, with no real clue what is happening.

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