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Yeah Albee, Sorry for being so unclear. I just have a Session I import into for some final mastering and for some reason I called it a Mastering Template. I'll Bounce WAV stereo multiple mono track audio from song sessions into the Mastering Template. I end up saving the Mastering Template each time I finish working so it's got a lot of individual song sessions (bounce wav stereo multiple mono audio) saved in it. I want to save a copy of each finished session back to it's individual song session file, but until now, I end up saving the entire Mastering Template into each separate song file. I think I may understand how to do this now. Do I go back to the individual song session and then import into it from the Mastering Template session, or can I stay in the Mastering Template and export the specific song audio back into the individual song file? Thanks again Albee, richrdC
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