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Default Crossgrade from M-Powered 8 to 12


I've been using Pro Tools M-Powered 8 for years now on a couple of laptops, with a red 1st gen iLok. Now, I've got a new computer (iMac) and one of my classes requires Pro Tools 12 (and they have given me an iLok 3). From this link I see I can upgrade/crossgrade to 12 from MP8 for $99

My concern, however, is that I must surrender my license to upgrade. I've still got a few unfinished projects on MP8 and I don't want to lose access to them; would surrendering my license for MP8 mean I could no longer open it on my laptop? I see in this link ( that the upgrade comes with a license for Pro Tools 10 and 12, so would I be able to open my MP8 files in 10?

I apologize if this appears as a novice or redundant question, I just want to be as clear as possible so I don't make any unchangeable mistakes. If you have any advice or input, please let me know.

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