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Default Re: Midi export creating note overlaps + gaps

Well, the moxt complex Protools file is just 16 bars of a simple jig, (shortest note being a 16th). Some of the files have two midi parts, a tune and harmony - but they're all input with no decoration or ornamentation.

The grid is set to 16ths and so is the quantise, and all the notes have been Q'd for start and end, and then manually checked and clicked to the grid. There are no gaps or overlaps at all in ProTools.

When you import into MuseScore it asks you to tell it what the shortest note duration is, and I've tried all the options from a minim to a demisemiquaver and the result is always the same:

Rests and tied note overlaps.

One of the tunes is a really really simple waltz - and even this one has errors.

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