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Default Re: Akai MPCX Software w/ HD Interfaces

Originally Posted by mike841 View Post
Man Albee, thanks for the info. You answered two more questions I had. Your gonna laugh but I have a 61 I haven't even opened yet. I got so frustrated with the NI Maschine sequencer but loved the Komplete Kontrol platform, that on a whim I got the MPCX. The sales guy assured that VIP would load all my Maschine Expasions so well, I wouldn't even miss it. So have you tried VIP lately? The updates are supposed to be much better. And yes, I have posts on the Akai forum and Gear Slutz.. 0 replies on both, and only you on this one. So I guess my problem is very unique. Anyway I'll keep experimenting and again, thanx for the info.

You may be fine with the Maschine stuff(you'll just have to try it) My whole experience with it is fresh as I only got the keyboard last month(I bought the last one from a closeout from Alto Music buying all the stock from Akai). I'm guessing that Akai may have a new line coming out(but I got a smoking deal). The specific issues I had were VI's that VIP would not find(MiniGrand and DB-33 get a lot of use here). And using the keyboard over USB to trigger MiniGrand by itself, if I played any harder than medium(like velocity of 80-90), the piano notes would choke. When using the keyboard over a midi cable to the interface, it plays MiniGrand perfectly. I hope you can make it all work!!!
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