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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard

Originally Posted by reichman View Post
Custom mapping on the S3 would be great. But even without it, your muscle memory of where the parameters fall is learned quickly and Eucon is snappy, so it's all working fine. Most of what you describe is here now with S3/Dock.
For me with say synths, there is no real muscle memory when cutoff is on fader/knob 3 for one synth. And Page 14 fader/knob 7 for the next.

Horses for courses I guess, and I can see how that's true for you and likely moreso also for post, but on my end that type of feature isn't really 'luxury'.

For me, where there is at least great plugin mapping, track sync, great hardware metering, and still control of fader level and 3 auxes, the Softube Console 1 is more useful overall (in a daw that supports it) than my Dock+mix.

I can certainly see that not being a good option for post though...
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