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Default Re: Latency issues with Mac mini

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
OK so you just have both the UAD Console and Pro Tools monitoring. You need one not both.

But since I assume you are OK with monitoring through the Console just disable track input monitoring on the tracks you are recording. (uncheck the green "i" button on the track in Pro Tools).

This is "basic" stuff that lots of people still have problems with, so spend time playing with monitoring, learning how the console monitoring works, and separately how to control software monitoring in Pro Tools.

And nothing here is actually a "latency" issue. You will have very low latency via the console monitoring, and if you can live with hardware monitoring you can set the IO buffer to large values (the latency that would cause no longer matters to your monitoring) and that gives you better Pro Tools stability.
Hey Darrell thanks for your reply. I am actually muting the record track in console when I am input monitoring through pro tools. Reason being is that I have plugins that I don't have for UAD, so when recording the artist he/she can hear those effects applied.

But it seems like I may just have to buy a few plugins from UAD and monitor through console, since the latency issue is non existent. I was thinking about getting another interface and testing that out to see if it's the apollo causing the issues.

Thanks again.
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