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Default Re: Latency issues with Mac mini

Thank you for your reply!

What exactly is the “latency issue” you are having?

When I am hearing myself through my headphones I hear slight delay, like a flang, or a doubling to be more exact. That is on the lowest buffer setting. On the highest buffer settings it is very obvious, and more delay like.

I input monitor my record track,listen and test. when I speak I get the issues through my headphones. Recording there is no delay inputed onto the track, but when I speak that's when the issue occurs. I have tried with open back, and closed back headphones. I get the same results.

When I say doubled it sounds like there are 2 signals being sent. When I up the buffer settings it sounds more delayed maybe a second or so delay.

Now I should mention I was having CPU issues with a clients project where I couldn't even press play without running pt stopping to warn me about low cpu. I had to cancel the session. Nothing major either. My laptop handles theses session superbly but not my Mac mini.

But maybe most importantly telling us you have muted signals in console *and* selected cue mix is a little worrying. Telling us you have selected cue mix makes it seem like you might want to monitor through the console

To my understanding in order for me not to monitor through console I have to mute the track in console, and then I will only monitor through pro tools which is what I want. I set the cue outputs to mix so I can hear what I'm doing. These are in the set up guides in UAD website for if I set it to hp I will not be able to hear anything unless I route a headphone mix to console.

I opened console stand alone, and I get no latency. Sounds great.

I opened up pro tools, and I get the same result. Monitoring through pro tools I get the latency issue as before.

Thank you again for your reply.
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