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Default Re: Delay Compensation broken

Originally Posted by daeron80 View Post
Can't confirm. But it's best not to have Delay Compensation on during recording. Avid need to fix it to ignore tracks that are in record.
I dont think that would really work... you are delaying your playback using DComp and If you turn it off of one track (The record enabled track) then you would in theory be recording earlier in time then you are hearing the playback... Then you would have to go in and nudge it into correct time for every recording...

I assume since DComp is delaying the playback that when in loop mode this transition (of jumping from the end point right to the beginning point) happens too fast and the CPU/Engine cant keep up... I would think that it would require a buffer time to restart the loop point with it on... and I would then believe that this is causing your issues... however I do not know for sure why that is happening to you...
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