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Default Upgrade link \'Sorry, no product found.\' How can I upgrade??

I want to upgrade to LE 7.3 from LE 6.x (7.4 is free afterwards???)

But when I try to buy the upgrade from the page...

'Home / Products / Products Pro Tools LE 7.3 software upgrade'

by clicking the 'Buy now" or the 'Purchase an upgrade from Pro Tools LE 6.x for $75' links it informs me...'Sorry, no product found'

Can anyone shed some light on this and help give my money away?

Any suggestion of where I should be posting this if it's in the wrong place or otherwise would be very helpful.

Edit: Just got an email back from Soundcorp and he says they have the upgrade for $110.

I think the digidesign's website/emails/thread neglect is worth considering when choosing your audio application.
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