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Default Re: Rewiring multiple synths or drums

Hi 6969

Can I ask a couple of questions first, ummm... what vision of Pro Tools, 6.x or 7.x? Are you looking at setting up a template? How many Reason modules are you wanting to use? How many of Reason modules are Stereo and how many of them are Mono? How many ReDrum modules are you using?

I'm stuck at 6.4 for now and yes I'm looking to set up the template. I already know how to make a template though.

I have been assigning each mixer in REASON main output as left output only(not left and right out), to a single mono output in the REASON audio out channel outputs. I have then created a mono channel in Pro-Tools inserting a ReWire plug-in and I have achieved a signal into Pro-Tools on all the channels. I just can't get the audio to record to the track fo some reason. When I record ebnable and hit the space bar the signal goes silent and nothing records to track. I'm bumming.

Thanks for the help anyone.
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