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Default Rewiring multiple synths or drums

hello all

I have finally gotten around to trying to figure out how to rewire more than one synth or drum sound in REASON to seperate pro-tools channels. Until now, I have been creating an aux channel with an instance of the rewire plug-in and bussing the audio to an audio track doing my loops one by one.

Someone here had a rewire template that I studied but the template is not showing me what I need to do or what I think should work. I probably just don't "get it" truth be told. I was so close. Anyway. What I have done is set up multiple audio channels in pro-tools and inserted an instance of rewire on each audio channel. I have achieved a signal from each mixer in REASON to each channel in Pro-tools. My problem occurs when I try to record the loops. I record enable each track and hit space bar and the audio signal drops and nothing but a flatline records. Can someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. It seems like I'm almost there. Thank you.
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