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Default Re: Best SYstems and Components for Win HD/TDM

The system that I built for the studio I'm running but not yet operational. So far it's running fine but no heavy project yet, will be updating later..

* Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895) NVIDIA Pro 2200 and 2050 + AMD 8131 chipset,dual Opteron support.

* 1 AMD Opteron 265 installed, another one on order.

* 4x512 DDR 400 ECC Registered DIMMs ( Corsair ), will be 8x512 when processor arrived.

* 2 slot x16 PCI-E (SLI support), 1 XFX GeForce 6600 installed for Dual Mon LCD's.

* PCIX x 64 bit 133 MHZ Pro Tools HD Accel Core Card.

* PCIX x 64 Bit 100Mhz Pro Tools HD Accel Card.

* PCIX x 64 Bit 100Mhz Empty ( Another HD Accel Card I hope ).

* PCI x 32 Bit 33Mhz RME Digiface pci card.

* 1 PATA port ( Seagate 80Gb for OS and appz ).

* 4 SATA-II ports (3.0Gb/s) ( 2x 200Gb for data and transfers ).

* 1 SCSI port (LSI U320 68 pin) ( 1 Seagate 73Gb 10K for audio ).

* 2 GbE LAN ports, FireWire, audio, serial & parallel ports, 6 USB ports, and PS2 ports.

* Tagan U480 power supply, will be replaced with U580 when my proc arrives.

* CoolerMaster Stacker Casing SSI EEB footprint (12"x13"; 304.8mmx330.2mm).

I think this system is similar to a branded system recommended by Digidesign, at least that's what my computer guy says ( he's built lots of workstations for editing and graphic designs ). Will update on problems as it goes which I hope won't be to much.... Thank's to Nikki and Digi, and yes plz..... make this a sticky.


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