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Default PT 10 (Standard) + CPTK to PT12 HD ?


Currently using Pro Tools 10 and "Complete Production Toolkit" for the "HD" features, connected to a USB based device.

I want to upgrade to Pro Tools 12 HD*, but not sure if I the CPTK entitles me to the $999 reinstatement upgrade, or is it a lost licence and I need to get the $1899 Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD upgrade.

Both (PT 10 / CTPK) are on the same iLok, the same one I'll want to put the PT12HD licence on.

I couldn't find anything about CTPK on Avid's website, so thought about asking here.

Thanks! :)

*Side question; I assume I'll get PT 2018 HD license today, will it enable me to run PT12 HD ? (I have some issues with PT 2018).
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