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Default Re: Pick & Mix Group Buy - IK's biggest group buy ever!

Hi Peter,

This seems like a pretty good deal, but I am still confused by what you actually get with amplitude products and what I would get by using this deal. It seems like amplitude 4 has all possible presets included, but the gear needed to actually use most of them must be purchased a la carte with the amplitube products such as amplitude fender, amplitude slash, etc.

Incomplete presets are one of the most annoying things about this product, and I think I would enjoy it more if I could get them all to work.

I currently own Amplitube 4 and Amplitube Metal. I also have a very old version of Ampeg SVX UNO, which I don't think adds any functionality to my current amplitube software. There appear to be 7-9 more amplitube products needed for me to be able to use all amplitube 4 presets:

1. Amplitube Dimebag Darrell
2. Amplitube Slash
3. Amplitube Jim Hendrix
4. Amplitube MESA/BOOGIE
5. AMplitube Orange
6. Amplitube Fender Collection
7. Ampeg SVX
8. Fulltone Collection
9. Amplitube Leslie

Is this correct, or are there still presets that require purchases from the custom shop? And, how will this affect future upgrades? Am I better off buying Amplitube 4 MAX or owning 10 different amplitube products?
- John

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