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Default Re: To HEAT or not to HEAT?

Originally Posted by tetonica View Post
Yes - is louder but also different - I asked my wife to listen without explaining what it was (HEAT, tube / tape saturation) and she preferred the same tracks with HEAT - I asked her "is it because is louder?" and she said "no, it simply sounds better" (she would not like the price $$ but that's for another day)
Not scientific enough. Print 2 mixes, get them level matched (maybe use a LUFS meter?), then get her to listen. Nearly every "lay" person will prefer a slightly louder signal and say it sounds "better", even if they can't detect that's it's 1dB or so (unless obvious clipping occurs). If you don't believe me just run off exactly the same mix but make one 1/1.5dB louder. She will definitely say she louder one sounds "better", even though it's exactly the same mix.

If you're using the "tone" knob then that will obviously make the mix slightly brighter or darker, and again, most people will say they prefer a slightly brighter signal...unless it's so bright it's starting to take your scalp off.
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