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Default Re: Magma Expansion Chassis P7R4, PCIHIF68 Host compatible with Protools Mix, G4, OS9

Samplecell on a card wasn’t much of a cpu strain, if any. I highly recommend the samplecell card with the tdm module for use with a mix system. Soft samplecell was a cpu and memory hog for those older machines, so if you’re running that, a g4 is better.

Does logic 6 work with OS9?
I remember using logic 4 on my os9 rigs. It was buggy and crashed a lot. I never upgraded to an OS X logic version until I was running Logic 8 on 10.5.x. If you want to use logic, I would suggest a g4 since it’s running natively, or run it on a newer computer and sync it up to your mix system (that’s what I did with logic 8). You can use a USD as a master clock, as long as the computer using logic has word clock in. Then use midi cables to sync up the transports of your pro tools and logic computer. It’s a lot of stuff to setup, but let’s you take advantage of these older systems while still having access to a more modern sequencer.

Other option, if you can find it, is studio vision... which was an excellent sequencer
- John

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