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Default Re: EuCon v3.7 Not starting on boot Windows 10.

Hello everyone!

Ok I'm having real similar problems here on this new DAW. I'm trying to get the Artist Control to work properly. I install it and everything works great until a restart or I shut off the computer. Upon rebooting / restarting the Eucontrol app will not launch manually. The program just won't launch where I can see it.
Now, here's the strange thing: The Artist Control still boots as normal. Cubase also sees it and it works. Since the Eucontrol program won't launch, I cannot edit any of the parameters in Eucontrol. So it's running, but I can't see it. If that makes sense.

I've tried the various things in the posts about this, that I'm able to without any luck. Some funny things, I don't get any notifications as stated early in the post. I turned on notifications and checked it. I do not see anything about Eucon. Also it does seem to be autolaunching as the Artist Control comes up and is usable. I've tried static IP's and Dynamic IP's and I get the same results. Eucontrol won't launch....

Any ideas how to get Eucontrol to properly launch here? It's frustrating.

Thank you in advance for any information!
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