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Default Download of HD Ultimate Drivers prevents Mac Pro from rebooting

Hi All:
My hardware setup consists of a Mac Pro (Westmere) with a HD Native PCIE board installed and a SSD hard drive, an HD Omni and HD 16 channel IN/OUT. The software is Pro Tools 10 and Mac OS 10.8.6. So I wanted to upgrade both software programs. Leaving the HD 10 software in place (should I have uninstalled it first ?), I upgraded the OS to Mojave and then downloaded the latest version of HD ultimate. The HD Ultimate software appears to have failed to recognize the PCIE Native card, the Omni and the HD I/O as the OMNI and I/O do not appear in the Hardware tab so I downloaded the HD Drivers for HD Ultimate intending to upgrade the firmware in my HD hardware. After restarting for the HD Drivers to load, the Mac Pro never gets past the start up screen. I have a back up hard drive attached so I can return to any version. Any Help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thanks. Steve.
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