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Default Re: iZotope Ozone Match EQ vs RX Match EQ

Originally Posted by noiseboyuk View Post
I did. Workflow is great and smoother than Ozone for the capture. But of the three modules only one is new - reverb match - and that only works on certain kinds of material. Longer tail reverbs are fine - halls etc - small reflections such as domestic rooms and cars are quite hopeless. I found using Altiverb alongside their existing tools infinitely better.

But it does have potential. They need to keep at it and make reverb match genuinely work on a wide variety of sources. If they crack that then it will be a very useful tool. So didn't buy, but will be waiting for version 2.
Yeah. I too thought it the idea has potential. I can imagine ti will only get better.

I'm not happy that it's offline AAX only though. I mean, obviously PT integration is great, but we are in a different times now and ProTools isn't the tool getting used in post-production now. There are other DAWs out there with offline processing facilities as well.

This kind of thinking is about 10-20 years old now. It's time to catch up.
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