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Default Automation Bug: 'Punch Preview' command acts like 'Glide'

Ok this one causes me a lot of trouble:

- I prepare some Automation in preview mode
- During playback I hit "punch preview" s6 softkey and write automation while making adjustments on the fly
- I stop the automation pass by either "auto match" or by stopping playback ('stop' or 'fast forward' depending on where I want the playhead to stop)

In RANDOM occasions I will get the following error:
The automation is written as if I had executed a "glide to all enabled" command over a selection with the length of my automation pass. Meaning, if I write EQ automation on a virgin track, the linear EQ curve will start shifting slowly where I hit "punch preview" before and will reach the intended EQ curve just where I stopped the automation pass. Sometimes I simply redo the punch preview pass and everything is fine. This happens randomly but feels like every 1 in 4 passes.

Perhaps there is some cross communication between two euphonix commands, I don't know. I'm not even too familiar with glide behavior as I don't ever use it.

Can anyone help?

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