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Default Re: Waves SSL G-EQ freezing when tweaking! anyone else?

I tried this briefly last night. I have the TDM SSL bundle so this may not apply, but I instanciated the RTAS version of the G-EQ and adjusted a few of the knobs via the Control|24 without any crashing. I didn't try all of the knobs, but I do know the HMF section was adjusted (gain, freq and Q). I don't remember if it was a mono or stereo version of the plug, but if you'd like me to try it again just let me know.

I'm using:
Waveshell DAE 5.9.7
Mac G5 PPC Dual 2.5 GHz (RTAS processing set to two processors, 85% CPU usuage)
OS 10.4.9
PT HD3 (Not Accel)
Pro Tools 7.4cs4
192 I/O
Control|24 (original version)
Cellar Dweller Productions
PT 2020.3.0 HDX, HD IO 16x16 analog, 192 I/O, Control|24
Mac Pro 2019 16-core, 96GB RAM, OS 10.15.2
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