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Default Quirks in PT 2019. Are they in 2020 too?

Greetings. I recently updated from 12.8.3 to 2019.5 and then to 2019.10 after noticing a few quirks in 2019.5 that seems to persist in 2019.10. Wondering if they are issues in 2020.5 as well.

First I noticed in my saved window configuration that the video window often remains hidden when recalling a scene and requires to additionally hit command 9.

Second issue is when importing an omf. In all previous versions after importing an omf, you clicked on any track in the show / hide area and all of the newly imported tracks would show themselves. Now in both 2019.5 and 2019.10 after importing an omf I have to manually "find" the tracks with newly imported regions on it.

Can anyone attest to whether or not these quirks have been rectified in 2020.5? These aren't dealbreakers, but for me personally, I have yet to find any new features over 12.8.3 that make me hesitant to revert back.

I'm on a 5,1 with 10.13.6 if that matters.


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