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Default Re: Pro Tools 12 not detecting working iLok

Thanks a lot for the suggestions guys! I have opened a ticket, here's the nr : 03789879.

Hopefully Jeffro can come to the rescue since I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I've tried reinstalling the iLok License Manager on 2 computers, each one the latest version. I can't even deactivate the "good" license because it disappeared from my iLok completely! The license only shows up when I click on my account name top left, but it's nonexistent if I click on the physical iLok tab. If i try to activate or complete the surrender terms on the "good" license (Pro Tools Perpetual Bundle (with 10/11/12)) I get the error. I tried with synchronize, same thing. I even relinked the iLok account from my Avid master account, still nothing.
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