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Default License Surrender gone wrong/ Can't use PT anymore!!

Ok, so it appears that I had two licenses on my iLok account. I had to surrender "Pro Tools 10/11/12 (NT)" in order to gain "Pro Tools Perpetual Bundle (with 10/11/12)"

I clicked the complete button to start the surrender and I got an error saying that the iLok wasn't detected or something similar (can't remember exactly).

In my iLok License Manager, Pro Tools 10/11/12 (NT) is now greyed out and if I hover over the flag it says "License has been surrendered" however the "PT Perpetual Bundle (with 10/11/12) still says I need to surrender the (NT) license. When I click complete again, I get the following error: " One or more licenses to surrender cannot be found in your account"

This is amazing! I now can't use Pro Tools at all.. I am left with a broken link between the old and new license.. If can someone take a look into my account and tell me what is going on.. and how to fix this mess, I would be grateful. I am in the middle of a session and I need to get this sorted ASAP...

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