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Default Re: Best Method for Windows to Mac Session Move?

***YES YES YES....NEVER make changes during a project Good choice!!!

I move sessions between platforms a fair amount and its gotten really ALMOST foolproof, as long as your sessions are on any recent version of PT(older versions like 8 and back had the OPTION to enforce Mac/PC Compatibility but now its always on)

I run Windows and did use MacDrive for quite a while. When I made the move to Windows 10, they were slow in updating so I moved to Paragon HFS for Windows, which works well enough(and is $19.95 vs $59.95). AFAIK, a Mac can read an NTFS drive(and certainly there is a utility available if it doesn't work right out of the box). I agree on keeping everything intact with your PC and copying your sessions to a Mac-formatted drive(trust me, you can NEVER have too many copies of your sessions).

I am curious though, is there something about your PC that could be addressed. Moving to Mac is fine, but they have their own set of potential problems too
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