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Default Re: Missing Files - Ignore ?

Sorry it took so long to reply and update everyone. I just got super swamped, and then somehow came down with a case of Shingles. In which I'm still recovering. Not nice !

Anyway, guys nothing worked. Simply put these files are not there offline or anywhere else no matter what I tried. Session doesn't need them, Yet the session thought it did. And remember, this session is super tiny too. Like 8 files in the bin and 3min long. Super simple to find stuff. Very barebones.

Ultimately, I did what albee said, and it then worked like it should. I then deleted the old original session and called it quits.

Pretty simply work around but IMO, PT should just simply add a "Permanently Ignore Missing Files" feature.

That said, I do have to admit this rarely happens to me. And when I say rarely, I mean like 8-10 years ago was the last time it happened.

Thanks again guys ! And for future reference, if this happens to anyone else (and Avid still hasn't come with that feature yet). Just import/export all tracks, data and files etc.. into a new session named something different. It will be fixed from there.
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