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Default Re: quickkeys guru? selecting tools?

thanks for the info

I just finshed masses of dialog so the moment has passed ( til the next one! )

yes I should look at maestro - since I would love to put my ipads to better use.. and whilst the Protools only app looks interesting,, ( would like to put my hands on a raven see if its for me tho! ) I want somethign that can work with all my apps.

I am finding quickeys interacting with TouchOSC a bit frustrating... becos I cant consistently trigger macros with it.. simple stuff like save in protools and switch to audiofinder.. or my sampler - or whilst in Audiofinder spot SFX to Protools insert point - and flip back to protools...

so I am back and forward to the ipad / apple keyboard.. and desk real estate is always tight!
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