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Default Recall Track Preset on existing tracks

I have a lil bug me thinks..... when creating new tracks from presets. if you go through the Track>New dialog all is ok, but if you.... well "I" as I don't know if others have the same issue. But if you right click on the track name in either Mix or Edit windows and go via Recall track Preset>Avid or User and select anything there you get lil chug chug but no joy.

PT 2018.7 on MBP listed below.
MBP 15 2018 macOS Mojave 10.14.6 Touch Bar and ID
2.2GHz 6 core 8 gen Intel Core i7 processor (TB痴 to 4.1GHz)
32 Gb of 2400MHz DDR4, 1T SSD, Magic Mouse and Keyboard
Pro Tools 2021.3.0 -23.# - HEAT applied, Cubase 9.5,
Yamaha TF5, UR44, BEHA4700
........and a bowl of M&M's

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