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Default Favorite Aqua Plugins

I really really like diamond eq and el Rey.
The diamond eq can do things I have never heard before. Itís not always what I need, but itís hi freq band, coupled with the transformers can really do magic stuff very often.
The trans will steal some low bottom end though, so itís not for every situation.

El Rey can be amazing on vocals and 2 bus. Again, not always. It can steal a bit of hi freq focus, and soften things up. Thatís both good and bad, depending on the situation.
There are many of their plugins that are kind of ďmehĒ to me. Especially compared to other plugins, but I really love these 2. As in REALLY.
I think that very often in the digital domain, high freq content can end up sound flat when boosted. The diamond eq, to me, does this really really well. Generally AA plugins do this well, I think.
I am by no means a AA snob, and almost never ever buy plugins. Only when I am very impressed.
I own plugins from fabfilter, Valhalla dsp and others.
I used to use UAD stuff as well, and AA certainly has just as much color. And you lose the dsp dongle (dsp card/satellite).
I miss some uad plugins (the api channel strips and 610 strips)

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