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Default Re: Favorite Aqua Plugins

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
You don't save all that much space just installing the aax version - probably less than a meg which in the scheme of things means nothing. Period. If you still have the installers just re-run them. If not when you download the installers save them off to a safe space on an external drive so you have them for when you need them. Don't laugh - that can happen more than you think.

Patchwork and DDMF are NOT wrappers but hosts. Avid outlawed wrappers a few years back. Huge difference between the two schemes. Wrappers can change the code of the plugin being used and hosts do just that - they host the plugin with NO changes.

If you applied yourself and stopped thinking of yourself as 'just a musician' you could easily learn the ins and outs of PT. You'll be wasting time learning Reaper instead of just learning PT. You'd be throwing away what you learned with PT for what seems like greener pastures. Notice I said 'greener' because they may at first seem that way and when you step into a meadow muffin you'll wonder why you went down that path. All daws have their idiosyncracies and PT's aren't any better or worse than others.

There's one advantage to Reaper - it's cheap and could be free if you don't mind the nag screen every time you start up. And you know what they say about free - it's worth what you paid for it

And I thought I was being so smart just installing the AAX version!! Haha. Oh well. It'll actually probably end up being a good thing cuz my plugin screen is so cluttered with ******** that it'll give me an excuse to change it.
Before I even do any of that tho, I'm gonna try a couple Aqua plugs to see if the performance increase is really that drastic.

While Reaper is free to try for X amount of days, they do have a pay version.. it's a $60 flat fee. After the hundreds of dollars that I invested in PT, they really F'd me in the A a while back. I mistakenly let my annual upgrade subscription lapse for literally two or three days and they wouldn't cut me a bit of slack. Now what would have been $100 or $150 turned into $350! I refuse to pay on principle alone, not to mention that I don't judt have n extra $200 floating around! So I've been stuck at version 12.4 ever since.

When I say I'm a musician more than an engineer, I just mean that I get insane ADD when I'm trying to mix a sound that I've finished. My brain want to keep writing songs instead of fiddling knobs. It really is driving me nuts, cuz I really do wanna learn how to be a good mixer. I guess that's just one of many aspects of my insanity!
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