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Default Re: Favorite Aqua Plugins

Originally Posted by adam79 View Post
Ya, I'm familiar with that group on gearslutz. Is it just the prices that turn you off the the Acqua line? I've only demoed a few of em, and I like what I've tried.. one example would be Ultramarine 4 (their Fairchild emu); it sounded great on the 2bus.They do absolutely murder the CPU, but I've read that it has a lot to do with running the AAX versions on Pro Tools. I'm planning on installing Reaper soon so I can try the VST versions. They supposedly run pretty smooth on that setup.
Adam, Adam, Adam - you've been on this forum long enough to know you don't need another daw to run vst plugins. For that there's Blue Cat Patchwork. Also didn't you read what TrackerLe wrote about them being static impulse response based (and not really computational)?

Besides do you really want to learn another daw just so you can run some plugins that aren't all that great to begin with? Want a decent Fairchild 670/660 emulation that won't break the bank and runs just fine in PT? Try the Puigchild 670 that Waves has - and if you jump on it today (Sunday) you can still get in on Waves's get a second $29 plugin for an additional $1.
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