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Default Eleven Rack + Boss ES-8 = Noise Issue ??

Hi folks,
I recently try out the integration of the Boss ES-8 with Eleven Rack.

The ES-8 has a Volume Loop which is dedicated either for a Volume Pedal or for 4-cable-method with the FX-Loop of the amp.
So my setup is the 4-cable-method using the FX-Loop of 11R and the Volume Loop of ES-8.

Signal Path: Guitar --> ES-8 Input --> ES-8 Vol SEND --> 11R Guitar Input --> 11R FX SEND --> ES-8 VOL RETURN --> ES-8 Output 1+2 --> 11R FX RETURN (stereo)

This setup allows you to put external effects either before or after the preamp. It's a quite cool thing and everything works so far. This is the setup how it is described in the ES-8 manual.

The 11R is connected via XLR to a dB technologies power amp (HPA 1400). No Computer involved or anything else.

BUT: I get an annoying hiss noise with some of the amps in 11R (the high gain presets). I don't have any pedals connected to ES-8. I don't get the noise when plugging the guitar directly into 11R with same amp etc.

If I put the ES-8 as an external "effect" into the FX Loop of 11R I also dont get the noise. But this setup doesn't give me the nice flexibility...

I also don't have noise when using the FX Loop of 11R only with my pedals.
So there must be something with the ES-8 but I tried so many things now.

Maybe someone here has an other idea??

Thank you and kind regards

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