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Default Re: Eucon commands not stackable?

Originally Posted by robertg View Post
Programming macros is supposed to be a major feature highlight of the Eucon products, it's even in the demo videos.. In this case, I want to set locators to region size, turn on cycle mode, and play - with one button
You can launch any series of keys however before or after a Eucon command and mix them with wheel, faders, project specific and page functions.

Anyway, you do not need Eucon commands for either play (obviously Space) or cycle (C). You could even assign a shortcut in Logic for the location function.

An example of something you can do with Eucon and not with any other protocol:

Change faders layout (ex: to strings) with a Mc command while simultaneously jumping to a proper Screenset (key shortcut), and playing back (key shortcut) from a marker (Eucon project specific) for the strings section. You could even change to a different touchscreen page (Page) simultaneously and trigger a series of other key functions.

It's very powerful, but if your making a complex macro it's useless to use the Eucon command for "play".
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