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Default Re: From 9 upgrade ?

Originally Posted by basslik View Post
...I just got off the chat line with Avid, if I upgrade from my PT9, for $299 subscription it will still run after a year, but I won't get any updates after the year unless I renew...
There are 2 license types: Perpetual and Subscription.

It's easy to lump everything together and call it subscription, and having the Annual Subscription and Perpetual Upgrade both priced at $299 might be adding to the confusion.

You have a Perpetual license (you own it and it never expires) not a Subscription (which is like renting).

You can upgrade your license for $299 - you'll get a bundle of perpetual licenses and any new versions released for a year. You can then renew the Update Plan to get another year of releases or let it lapse and continue using any version provided.

Buying an Annual Subscription (also $299) would get you new releases for a year, but the license would stop working after a year. This is really more of an option for new users as an alternative to buying a new perpetual license for $599.
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