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Default Minimum memory issue

I have an ongoing issue and I want to know if I'm alone.

Some of my PT users insist on changing their memory allocations which is not a major issue until they change the minimum value.
The problem is - when I go to change back the minimum value to the factory default (by putting a 0 in the box) it instantly reverts to what the user set it at.
I can recreate this on all of my PT 5.1.1 stations running OS 9.2.2.
The only way I can get it to tell me what I assume is the ACTUAL minimum value is to put in something silly - like 100k and try to close the window. It will then say PT need at least 10,015k to run etc etc.
Is this figure the actual correct minimum value or a base system value?
Trash prefs etc doesn't make a difference.

any ideas?
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