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Default Possible Issue with Falcon 2 and Windows

I mentioned in the virtual instrument forum the issue I've encountered when trying to import multisamples into Falcon 2 and mapping them. I reported the issue to UVI with the result that one of their support guys did a remote system check with me this morning, but, alas, the problem persists. He said that mine is the only case he knows of so far, but suspects it has something to do with the AAX.

Here's the issue: When I try to import a multisample into Falcon's sample mapping area, press ALT, I never get the pop up Drag/Drop Mapping menu, which will allow all the samples to be properly placed all at once to their respective keys (as long as that's in the sample name, which it is, ie, "samplename_C3.wav"). It works fine in standalone, or in VST hosted in Reason or Reaper. However, VST won't work if hosted in a VST host inside Pro Tools such as Blue Cat's Patchwork.

So, if any of you Windows users have tried this with Falcon (1 or 2) and had the same issue, let us know here. I told the UVI support guy I let him know if there were others. I'm running Win-10, PT 2019.6 and Falcon 2.0.2
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