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Default PT MP9 + other license's lost

Hey folks, I have sent numerous emails to Avid about this, no replies, so I hope that someone from there will read this & help out....

I have not used my MP9 system for a few years while I tried out other DAW's. So, after a recent move I decided to go back to my MP9 system and get busy with it...BUT I can NOT find my iLok, discs, and backups.....even all my notes are missing. The box that held all this stuff, along with 5 100 disc spindles of backups, are gone....missing....

I bought a new Gen2 iLok to grab the license but iLok is saying I have to go thru Avid. I bought a great set of AIR products that I have already loaded the license for but I am in a REAL need of my MP9, Strike 1.5, and Slightly Rude Compressor licenses / activations. There HAS to be a way to go back thru the records and find my info, right? I have already downloaded the MP9 images & updates from Avid, and it is installed, ready to go.

Anyway, if ANYONE out there that can help me get back up & running I would be very grateful!
On Vista x64.....
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